Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mexico Spring Break

Life is a little crazy busy right now so I didn't think this post would be coming so soon, but since my car died and I'm now on the Front Runner- thank you public transportation!- I now have time to blog. It's kind of nice not to be driving though - so I can't complain too much.

Going to Mexico for Spring Break was just the break I needed to get the energy to finish out the semester. Vacation are what dreams are made of and where dreams are made. Relaxing, playing on the beach, four-wheeling, eating good food, exploring Mexico and hanging out with Cade and his family was a dream come true- especially for someone who has never had spring break before. BYU doesn't have spring break, or fall break :( Lame! But this year I gave myself a prize for making it through the past four years and took a spring break anyways. Let's be honest, none of my teachers blamed me.

We also got to meet our new nephew, Weston. In my family all the babies are my cousins and in Cade's family they are nephews - it's still weird that I am an aunt!
Cade was really cute with Weston.

Riding four-wheelers may have been my favorite part of the beach! It was a blast and I begged Cade to go again after the first time we went. 
Playing Koob with Colby and Jane Anne

This is where we bought tortillas and tamales. They were pretty good and we had them fresh basically everyday. 
This is the beach house we stayed in. It was really nice and right on the beach. Also, the beach was basically deserted which was weird to me because all the beaches I have been to always have people. It was nice though. 
Our lovely room - that was basically the size of our current apartment. I slept like a baby because the temperature was so perfect. The King size bed might have helped too ;)

The sunsets were so amazing - I dedicated an entire post to them here.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mexico Sunsets

There are moments in life that are so beautiful that we want to hit pause, but the beautiful thing is that we can't - we have to continue on in life, just like the sun goes down at the end of each day. Although, the amazing thing about moving forward is that there are always new beautiful things to discover, just like the stages of the sun going down or the moon rising. Lately, graduating college has had me wanting to hit pause because the future is uncertain, but I know that no matter what the sun will keep setting and the moon will rise and their still be beauty in the new experiences.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Moab Get-A-Way

Over the weekend, Cade and I went down to visit my family and get away for the weekend. This semester has been kind of stressful and crazy busy, so I was in desperate need to get away from the city and school and get some fresh air. It was so nice to go hiking and be out in the open, fresh air. The weather was amazing and we were able to get three hikes in: Tower Arch, Delicate Arch and Double Arch. We were lucky enough to see a lot of family while in Moab. We saw all of my family and even some of Cade's cousins, Clay and Leslie who live in Moab and Thomas and Monica who were just down for the weekend. We went on a night hike with Thomas and Monica and met some people from LA who took an awesome photo of us under Double Arch. They promised to email it to us, so I'm crossing my fingers because it was awesome and I really want to show you! The weekend was great and gave me just enough of a boost to get through before we go to the beach in Mexico in a few weeks. I cannot wait! Enjoy these iPhone pictures mixed with some I took before my camera's battery died. I have a terrible problem with not charging my electronics.. oops!

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