Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back-to-School & Third Trimester

Yesterday, Cade started his junior year at the University of Utah.  He is mainly taking Anthropology classes and ROTC classes and one Portuguese class. He'll be pretty busy this semester with ROTC because he is the 200 class flight commander (this could be the wrong name, I get confused trying to remember all the ROTC names). Anyways, basically he is in-charge of teaching the younger cadets and training them. I think he is pretty excited about it though.

I started my third trimester yesterday! 28 weeks down, woo hoo! I have been working on some blankets and a quilt for baby boy that I am really excited about. I can't wait to bundle him up and squeeze his little chubs.

Pregnancy as of late:

*I passed my glucose test. I liked the drink.. it tasted like fanta! I know, I'm weird.

*My legs are still swollen and I think they are retaining some water.. cankles- eww!

* I haven't worn my wedding ring for probably two months. The heat made my fingers swell and I didn't want to risk it getting stuck.

* I have insomnia. Although turning our AC down helped because I'm always so hot. Since utilities are included at our new apartment, I turned the air down to 65 degrees. Cade didn't love waking up in the ice cave, but I was in heaven.

* As mentioned above, it's hot. Get pregnant in the winter if you can!

* We still haven't chosen a name. :(

*I can't think of anything else.. I just want my baby to be here!

And a cute photo of my hot husband and our nephew Charlie. So cute! 
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Ward

Today was our first day at our new ward. Although, it turns out the building has two chapels and we managed to go to the wrong sacrament meeting. I'm not gonna lie though, I was pretty excited about the "wrong" ward because nearly everyone was pregnant or had a baby. It was the baby hub! 

We eventually discovered we were at the wrong ward and quickly went and found ours. We knew we were in the right place when we found our RA and two other people who live in our building. We met the bishop who was really Energetic and nice and several other couples in the ward. Okay, several is a stretch! We met 5 couples- which was ALL there was in Sunday school. The ward only has about 40 people in it, which includes several babies. TINY! Although, it may lack in number, the people seem awesome and it is such a change from out last ward. I'm really excited about it! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Golden Birthday

Yesterday, I turned 22 years old. When I woke up I told Cade that I wasn't sure if I felt 22, but I definitely feel pregnant! 

Sorry about the bad picture quality! My iPhone has a terrible camera :( 

I had a great day and got to spend some time with Cade which is all I really wanted. 

Cade made me breakfast and gave me this surprise present in the morning.

Since Cade had to go to an ROTC practice later in the morning, I decided to get a facial. It was the first time I've ever had one and it was AMAZING! Definitely the most relaxed I've felt during my entire pregnancy! 

Then I picked up Cade from campus and we went home and cleaned up our apartment so the delivery guys could bring our new couch. I fell asleep waiting for them to come and when I woke up the couch was there. We both really love it! 

Later that night Cade and I walked around City Creek and had dinner at Bucco di Beppos. 

We finished off the night with chocolate cake and peanut butter ice cream. My favorite! 

Thanks Cade for a great golden birthday!

Also congrats to some of my best friends Elizabeth and Matt on having a perfect baby girl yesterday! So happy to share my birthday with Nora! 
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