Sunday, September 28, 2014

Surprise Baby Shower

The day before I left Moab, some ladies at work had a surprise baby shower for me! It was so much fun and really unexpected. The cake was incredible! And so was the diaper cake. I worked with some really talented people. We played some fun games including making babies out of clay, guessing how big around I was, guess what's in the diaper and pin the binkie on the baby. It was muh fun! Sorry the pictures are terrible iPhone pictures. I got a new point and shoot camera though so hopefully I'll have better pictures in the future.

I also had a great baby shower with Cade's family and my mom, grandma and sister. Thanks Jane Anne for planning it! Unfortunately I don't have any photos from that shower :(

33 Week Pregnancy Update

Photo from 32 weeks

I'm 33 weeks into pregnancy now and I am back in Salt Lake City with Cade. I'm still having a lot of back pain in my sciatic nerve but I get some relief from epsom salt baths and back massages. Acid reflux came all of the sudden and I am now taking Zantac twice a day. If I don't take it before I eat dinner, it keeps me up at night. I am sleeping okay. Some nights I can sleep through the night and others I am up in the middle of the night for a few hours. Unisom doesn't really work for me but taking baths, drinking camomile tea and listening to my hypnobirthing music usually really help me relax and go to sleep. I still have morning sickness from time to time, unfortunately it's become really unpredictable and last week I threw up in our bed and on the the same day :(

The good news is baby will be here in 7 weeks and while there may be some things that are uncomfortable, at least nothing major is wrong and I'm still considered low risk. My blood pressure is good, I don't have GD and I have gained enough weight but not too much. Baby boy is constantly moving around and he is now in the head down position. I can tell he is getting bigger and taking up more space. For the most part it's fun to feel him move around and Cade is really getting a kick out of watching my belly look deformed when he moves around.

This past weekend Cade and I toured the hospital which was pretty fun. I'm really happy with my choice to go to this hospital and the midwives I am going to are really great. One fun fact about the hospital.. they have support rooms in Labor and Delivery which have 5 flavors of snow cones/ice chips and since I love eating ice right now, I was kind of excited about this.

We basically have everything ready for when baby gets here. Right now I am just working on the nursery which is pretty fun for me. I'll post pictures when I'm finished. I'll probably start packing my hospital bag this week, maybe it's too early but I like to be prepared.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back-to-School & Third Trimester

Yesterday, Cade started his junior year at the University of Utah.  He is mainly taking Anthropology classes and ROTC classes and one Portuguese class. He'll be pretty busy this semester with ROTC because he is the 200 class flight commander (this could be the wrong name, I get confused trying to remember all the ROTC names). Anyways, basically he is in-charge of teaching the younger cadets and training them. I think he is pretty excited about it though.

I started my third trimester yesterday! 28 weeks down, woo hoo! I have been working on some blankets and a quilt for baby boy that I am really excited about. I can't wait to bundle him up and squeeze his little chubs.

Pregnancy as of late:

*I passed my glucose test. I liked the drink.. it tasted like fanta! I know, I'm weird.

*My legs are still swollen and I think they are retaining some water.. cankles- eww!

* I haven't worn my wedding ring for probably two months. The heat made my fingers swell and I didn't want to risk it getting stuck.

* I have insomnia. Although turning our AC down helped because I'm always so hot. Since utilities are included at our new apartment, I turned the air down to 65 degrees. Cade didn't love waking up in the ice cave, but I was in heaven.

* As mentioned above, it's hot. Get pregnant in the winter if you can!

* We still haven't chosen a name. :(

*I can't think of anything else.. I just want my baby to be here!

And a cute photo of my hot husband and our nephew Charlie. So cute! 
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