Tuesday, October 21, 2014

36 Week Update

I'm now at 36 weeks, which basically means I have a month to go. We are both excited to meet our little guy soon and Cade and both hopes he comes sooner rather than later, but mostly we just want him to be healthy. 

As far as pregnancy goes, I have my good days and my bad days. My back is still hurting a lot and the pain has increased somewhat as I have gotten bigger and there is more pressure on my back and weight to carry. Acid reflux has been horrible for me. I was taking Zantac twice a day but it wasn't helping enough so my Dr. had me change to Prilosec which seems to be working a little better. I have had some contractions, some painful and others not. Insomnia comes and goes but I eventually get sleep- even if it means passing out at 5 pm. 

Someone asked about my birth plan on my last pregnancy update so I thought I would share a little bit. First off, I don't really have a birth plan per se. I like the idea of a more natural birth because I am not huge on medication but I'm not opposed to it if I need it. I am open to all types of birth and I will probably try whatever feels good at the moment (birthing ball, massage, birthing bar, yoga, bath etc.)
Water helps me relax a lot so it's something I am definitely considering. All and all though, my plan is to just take it one minute at a time. Everyone is different so I think any birthing method is fine. My goals is just to be comfortable and have a healthy baby.

Other news- I went to my 36 week appointment yesterday and everything was normal except when they told me I was going to L&D Triage for some monitoring. The midwife was concerned that my placenta was/ could be dying so she had me get an ultrasound and monitoring for the baby for 20-40 minutes ( I honestly don't remember how long we were there). Good news is that the baby is fine and the placenta is fine. They were concerned that my blood pressure was high at 124/89 so they took it several more times. It ranged from 123/81 to 129/89. The nurse was still concerned so she talked to the midwife about having me do more testing. The midwife had her check the other arm (she had me laying on my side and took the blood pressure from the arm that was being smashed). The other arm was something like 121/79 so the midwife sent me home. Basically, I am supposed to rest, drink water and eat and call the midwife if anything else happens. Hopefully I am fine though and the blood pressure thing was just a fluke. 

Not the greatest picture of my belly. It was sort of slumping over to one side because they had me propped up. It was not terribly comfortable either.

I will admit that being in Triage did make everything seem more real. In a few weeks I will be there and it will be the real thing! Crazy!

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Cade's 24th Birthday

Last week was Cade's 24th Birthday! It was nice that he had Fall Break so that we could spend the day together. I made him eggs and an orange julius for breakfast and he opened his present from me- shoes. 

I wanted to do something fun for his birthday so I found an Italian restaurant with good reviews and made a reservation. I told him we were going to lunch but I kept where we were going a surprise which made it a lot more fun for both of us.

We both liked the restaurant but Cade concluded he still likes Pasta Jays in Moab the best. 

As if we weren't full enough from having a huge lunch, we decided to hit up a pastry shop we have been wanting to try. My pregnancy brain told me that I wanted one of each thing they had, but I resisted and only got two things. They were pretty good and a fun treat every once in a while.  

We went home and I made a lime trifle.
 Unfortunately, later on I started having some painful contractions which left Cade making dinner. He was okay with it though and I was grateful to be able to rest. It was a fun day and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with Cade!

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Things I've made for our baby

When I first found out I was pregnant, I got really excited about all of the things I could make for our baby. It's been pretty fun making stuff for him and has made the waiting game a little easier.

I started making this quilt with some fabric I had leftover from another baby quilt I made a few years ago. Moab doesn't really have anywhere to buy fabric and although I could have ordered some online, I really like to feel it and see it in person, so I started with this. I love the colors and prints of this fabric. I didn't have enough leftover fabric to do the entire quilt which was sort of a pain because it was really hard to find binding fabric that matched. I ended up using bias tape binding because it matched the best, but I didn't like using it and I probably never will again. I also had to buy more paisley minky (my favorite minky ever!) to make the quilt bigger. I used dot minky for the back, but really wish I would have gone with the paisley. I am not a huge fan of the dot minky, but I still think it turned out okay.

I quilted this quilt on my sewing machine. I don't really like tied quilts because the yarn drives me nuts and I think quilted quilts look nicer. I chose to do minimal quilting because I wanted the quilt to be puffy and soft and sometimes I think too much quilting makes quilts stiff, so this worked out well.

Because the binding was so hard to work with, I avoided finishing it for a month or two. Although, at some point I realized I needed to finish the quilt before the baby came so I messed around with some ideas and decided to bind it with my sewing machine with this stitch. It is definitely far from perfect, but I like how it turned out. Sometimes finished is better than perfect ;)

I also made this flannel Rick Rack blanket. I thought the fabric was so cute and as simple as it is, I really love it.

Bassinet Sheets. Super easy to make and way cheaper than buying them.

A fleece owl blanket

Changing pad over- this isn't completely done because it really hurts my back to sew these days, but I'll finish it soon.
 I also stained this dresser and I LOVE how it turned out. It is the IKEA Tarva Dresser and I stained it with Minwax Classic Gray and added new nobs.

 I got these wooden cutouts from a variety of stores and painted them to make a mobile for the babies room. Now I just need to finish assembling it. 

I also made some fabric bins for the babies room and some bow ties that I forgot to take pictures of. I have a lot of fabric that I bought to make more blankets/quilts but I decided to save it since we are good in the blanket department for now (thanks to so many friends and family for making us great blankets and quilts).
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